Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We took these pictures on Easter Sunday. I had heard that my aunt and uncle were dressing up their kids and taking family pictures, and I was jealous that we didn't have a little family photoshoot planned! I made Riley dress up a little, and we each wore our pastel Easter colors. Totally put the camera on a tripod with a timer, and had to run out to Riley in my heels before the shutter went off :) But it was worth it, we created a memory! Across the street we have the awesome empty field with the mountains in clear view, so I like taking pictures here when we have the opportunity.

Easter for me was inspired this year. I really enjoyed having Conference the same weekend. Is there not a better way to remember our Savior than to listen to our Prophet and leaders teaching us and testifying of Christ, and how to come closer to Him? Sometimes during religious holidays, it is hard for me to think constantly of Christ, and the purpose of the holiday; mostly because of the worldly traditions that have accumulated around the holiday. But this Easter I was so focused on Christ, on how I can better my relationship with my Father in Heaven by following His Son. I felt that Conference this year was 80% based on how we can bring the Spirit into our home more effectively. How, as parents, we need to be teaching our children, and further more what we can do today to help steer them away from the evil of this world.

That focus made me ponder about my future children, and how excited I am to have a family of our own. I am quite overwhelmed about the thought of raising a child in such a hectic unworthy world. What helps comfort me is that Riley and I both have a firm foundation in the gospel, strong testimonies, and as I strive to become more perfect, my Father in Heaven will help raise our kids. I couldn't be more positive, knowing that I have the Lord on our side.

Easter weekend was one full of inspiration. I was grateful to spend it with family, and those we care about. Easter weekend reminded me of my blessings, and how I can prepare to raise a family in Christ's gospel.

Aside from eggs, chocolate, and bubble sticks, this Easter was a spiritual reminder of where I should be in my life, and what I can improve.

I am grateful for my husband who supports me, and advises me when I am struggling. I am grateful to have a strong testimony. I am grateful for my knowledge. I am grateful for a brother who saved me, who saved the universe, and who gave us the ultimate example.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony, and for being such a fun and great aunt to my kids! I am so glad Riley married you and that you are in our lives! :)