Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dear siblings.

Just got off the phone with my sweet 16 year old sister, Corinne. She told me about this book, The Last Song. Corinne just finished reading it...took her like 2 days, no big deal. But what intrigued me was that Nicholas Sparks wrote it. He is a great writer, and it makes for a quick read. I remember when I first read The Notebook. I was still a teenager, and my mom made me read the book before I could see the movie! What a dear mother. But I'm glad I did. There's already a movie trailer for The Last Song...starring Miley Cyrus, yuck. But, I won't judge, and I'll start with reading the book. I have some free time for another week before school really starts to pick up, so here I go...

My sister inspired me...Being the oldest sibling, I always am fearing my lack of inspiration toward the others. I hope that I've done some good for them; left an OK mark in our home for them to follow. But I'm really proud of my sister Corinne. Now that Melinda and I are out of the home, she has a big responsibility being the oldest one there. I am proud of her, and appreciate that she has stepped up to the plate of maturity, especially in a time where my mom is back in work. I am so blessed with the family that I have. I love that I can call any of them, and be confident that we can have a full conversation. I am grateful that they feel comfortable talking to me.

For anyone who is interested in a quick-read sappy story, go get the book from the library. I'm going to!

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