Monday, January 18, 2010

community service.

This morning I received a wake up call from my dear husband at 10am. Real early, I know. For his class, he is required to do so many hours of service, so he started this morning. Today was Martin Luther King day, and BYU had an entire days worth of service activities set up. LDS services had put it together: coloring pages; cutting, coloring, and sewing hand puppets; stuffing dolls; making cut-out games. Riley asked if I wanted to come for the last two hours...grr, all I wanted to do was sleep! Then I realized if I didn't come, I wouldn't see him until 10pm tonight because of his work schedule. Dragging myself out of bed, I dreadingly put on some clothes and hopped in the car with my bowl of Kashi cereal. I had a lot of fun. Spending time with my husband, doing simple service for children that have no where near what I have. And I complain that I'm a newlywed, and can't buy decorations for holidays because I can't afford it! Wow, selfish. This morning I realized that service makes me happy, and doing it with my husband is even more fun. Yay for humbling activities.


  1. Service IS FUN! I should do more of it. You have inspired me. Ben does a lot of service for people, he inspires me too. Are you sure Riley's community service wasn't forced? haha... jk. I like the pics... is that Riley stitching?

  2. HA HA! Rocko, I was thinking the same thing. Hmmm....Riley is REQUIRED to do community service? What isn't he telling us?! LOL j/k

    When I first started reading that, I thought you were referring to doing service to get a free Disneyland ticket.

    A few months ago our Enrichment night was all service oriented. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. Yes...Riley stitching, can you believe it?!

    An no, we didn't even enter the Disneyland drawing.