Sunday, January 24, 2010

fun in the snow.

This weekend it dumped snow for the first time in a few weeks. I love snow. It is one of the most beautiful characteristics on earth. Besides the beauty of the white perfect thick flakes, I dreaded having to be in it. It literally took me 25 minutes to make what should have been a five minute drive from the mall to my house! Friday night Mr. Riley asked what I wanted to do when he got home from work. I had been in a poor mood that afternoon, kind of un-motivated so his idea of going sledding did not interest me in the slightest. That meant effort, and getting wet. Boy I was a bore! After bringing up the idea to my friend Krysta, she decided her and her boyfriend would love to join us, so we went...Rock Canyon Park is a perfectly great place to go in case anyone is wondering. We went twice, Friday and Saturday...Saturday of which was so scary because all the snow had been packed down and turned to ice. I am blogging about this because it was such a neat bonding experience, and with how little Riley and I see each other with our schedules, these are important and precious to me. It had been a while since we'd had so much fun and so easily laughed. Mr. Riley brought out his adrenaline junky side that I had not ever seen! He flew down the hills, head first, over jumps...''what a hunk". Yes, from Little Rascals :) Marriage has been fabulous for us, with an addition of many trials and blessings. Mr. Riley woke up this morning quite sore, not even being able to lift his arms above his head...I didn't feel bad since he was the one throwing himself down the hill! One of our last runs down the hill, Riley had to pull me onto the sled because I was so nervous. He promised me there would be no bumps, and of course right at the bottom we caught air. I playfully yelled at him, and he pinned me down to kiss me in the middle of laughter. Those two nights for me were what I considered pure happiness. I love him and his sweet care toward me. Hooray for random fun experiences.

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